North American Scum

Cleveland. Student.
The Menzingers

—Nothing Feels Good Anymore


I’m at the party in a cloud of nicotine
Exhaled by drunk twenty-somethings
There’s a couple arguing in the bathroom
Some couple of kids trying to get high
I try to make my way outside
Cause I gotta see you tonight
I start pacing, then running

"But baby, baby, buzz me in"
I ring your intercom and say
But you just poke your head through the curtian
And my hearts on the floor

Nothing feels good anymore

Listening to rented world and getting sad. Turn down for what.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

—Kokopelli Face Tattoo


Andrew Jackson Jihad have a new song out, called “Kokopelli Face Tattoo” it’s off their upcoming album Christmas Island, and it has a really cool “Neutral Milk Hotel”-y vibe to it.

Hey dude I hate everything you do
But I’m trying really hard to not hate you
Hating you won’t make you suck any less

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I tell you this because as an artist…
I think you’ll understand.

Downloading music. Hit me up with some bands yo.

Signals Midwest

—The Quiet Persuader


Pacing hotel room hallways, trying to call you but not getting through. Driving congested highways, closing whatever space that I can. Calming, a calming effect that is only achieved by arguing with those kind enough to listen to you. 

Thursday morning I was out walking
Trying to shield the wind with my coat
Stumble upon a photo in my pocket
Pictures leave me with lumps in my throat

Looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love where it can’t be found

Well I don’t know what my “intentions” are
I don’t know why I cry
I say “I don’t know” too fucking much.
Maybe there’s a reason why.

The Sidekicks

—1940's Fighter Jet

I hope my engine gets me home
I hope next time you see me
you’d still like to kiss me

This fucking band.

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Why can’t we just get over these kind of disasters?!

Two Hand Fools

—I'm Not Right For You


I’m Not Right For You - Two Hand Fools