North American Scum

Cleveland. Student.

—No Duh


K.Flay | No Duh

K flay tomorrow night!! So pumped!!

Sometimes I’m so full of shit that it should be a crime

I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation

LCD Soundsystem

—Dance Yrself Clean


LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

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City And Colour

—In The Water I Am Beautiful


City and Colour - In the Water, I am Beautiful

This song still gets me..

Say Anything

—Alive With The Glory Of Love


few things in this life are perfect. this song is one of them.. 

Should they kill me, your love will fill me, as warm as the bullets

Hop Along

—Trouble Found Me


once i thought being lost was only a part of being young

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Just went on a crazy downloading spree. Easily 2 gigs of bands I’ve been looking for for a while. So pumped to give them a listen tomorrow at work.