North American Scum

Cleveland. Student.
Signals Midwest

—The Quiet Persuader


Pacing hotel room hallways, trying to call you but not getting through. Driving congested highways, closing whatever space that I can. Calming, a calming effect that is only achieved by arguing with those kind enough to listen to you. 

Thursday morning I was out walking
Trying to shield the wind with my coat
Stumble upon a photo in my pocket
Pictures leave me with lumps in my throat

Looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love where it can’t be found

Well I don’t know what my “intentions” are
I don’t know why I cry
I say “I don’t know” too fucking much.
Maybe there’s a reason why.

The Sidekicks

—1940's Fighter Jet

I hope my engine gets me home
I hope next time you see me
you’d still like to kiss me

This fucking band.

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Why can’t we just get over these kind of disasters?!

Two Hand Fools

—I'm Not Right For You


I’m Not Right For You - Two Hand Fools

I’m sorry

The Menzingers

—I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore

The Menzingers - I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore

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When is Netflix gonna add a “depressing” category?

But I have fucked this up
I fucking knew it
I have fucked this up
I fucking knew it….

Gotta go to work gotta go to work
Gotta have a job

I just wanna download rented world today… hook a brotha up.